Keeping your employees happy and productive

How Apex Serves Your Business 

Save time and money through medical bill review and negotiation. Providers typically demand “charges in full” which often exceeds the reasonable value of services. We can ensure that your employees are paying a fair price for the health care services rendered through our comprehensive review and negotiation process. 

More access to benefit services is important to having a productive and engaged team. With Apex as a resource to your employees, they can rest assured they will always pay a fair price for the care received. Our team facilitates the entire billing process to ease the strain and frustration that often coincides with medical bills.

Employer Benefits

· Increased employee satisfaction 

· Value-added service to at no cost

· Reduced strain on HR department resources

· Reduced medical expenses

Employee Benefits

· Increased access to benefits services

· Increased workplace satisfaction and peace of mind 

· Assurance a fair price will be paid for healthcare

· Enjoy savings at no financial risk to the employee

Consumer Out-of-Network Claims Management

Apex reduces costs for all parties when care is received outside a provider network. Detailed claims analysis and direct negotiation with both provider and patient, result in optimal savings outcomes and prompt payment.

Ensuring a fair and accurate fee for care aligns the interests of the individual, the plan sponsor, and the provider.

 Business Network Claims Management

Apex partners with your members and clients to negotiate bills and settle claims on their behalf, provides advice and support throughout the billing process, and connects them with trusted financing resources.

We help reduce overall healthcare expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and improve benefit satisfaction.


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